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Primary Adjunct:
Healthy Life Vasopeptin
2 bid

Natural peptide helps maintain normal blood pressure. 

Healthy Life Magnesium Chelate 2-3 per day
Easy-to-absorb, well-tolerated.

Healthy Life Omega 3 2-4 bid
Our highest-potency ultra-pure fish oil containing over 70% omega-3 fatty acid content.

Healthy Life CoEnzyme Q10 (60-100 mg) 1-2 bid
A crucial antioxidant in a reliable delivery system.

Healthy Life Chewable CoQ10 (150 mg) 1-3 per day
Emulsified with vitamin E. 

Secondary Adjunct:
Healthy Life Taurine
2-3 bid
Supports cardiac and ocular function.

Healthy Life Garlic 400 1-2 bid
Enteric-coated, high allicin yield.

Healthy Life Hawthorn Extract 1-2 bid
A cardioactive herb.

Healthy Life L-Arginine 1-4 bid

Assists nitric oxide synthesis. 

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