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  • Healthy Life L-Carnitine: Enhanced muscle and fat metabolism support. In studies, I-carnitine has demonstrated the ability to promote oxygenation of heart muscle, support cardiovascular energy, enhance endurance training, and maintain healthy lipid metabolism.
  • Healthy Life D-Ribose:  Bioenergy Ribose is a bioactive ingredient that energizes functional foods, beverages, and nutraceuticals. Ribose is the vital structural backbone of critical cellular compounds called purines and pyrimidines. Our bodies must have an adequate supply of purines and pyrimidines to form major cellular constituents such as our genetic material (DNA and RNA), numerous cofactors, certain vitamins, and, importantly, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the "energy currency" of the cell. Ribose is the starting point for the synthesis of these fundamental cellular compounds, and the availability of ribose determines the rate at which they can be made by our cells and tissues.
  • Healthy Life Co-Q 10: Health Benefits of Co-Q10 are:

         Cardiovascular health                                        Oral health

         Cognitive and nerve health                                Cranial vascular health

         Musculoskeletal health                                       Skin health

         Cellular health                                                     Men's health

    Immune health

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