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Stress Hormones

Stress Hormones:

  • How the Body Handles Stress
  • Didn't Dumb it Down
  • Functional Endocrinology
  • Function vs. Disease
  • If a blood test is normal why don't we feel normal
  • If a new car is out of tune and doesn't run right, doesn't mean the car's no good or it doesn't mean it has parts, it could just be out of tune.

1.    The Endocrine Glands #1
       a.    Pituitary Gland controls all and it shuts off the adrenals
       b.    The physical mechanism becomes confused between the pituitary and the downstream glands resulting in                    discordination of the system.
2.    We live in a pedal to the medal society we drive our physical body to a point where the pituitary cannot shut             down our stress response. Supplements help pituitary get in connection with the downstream plans.
3.    Blood sugar is the fuel that makes energy in our body. Without the proper levels of blood sugar we undergo an        energy crisis. The adrenal glands keep the fuel steady by maintaining blood sugar levels.
        a.   Hypoglycemia is a process not a thing of disease you have.
        b.   Strong adrenals keep blood sugar levels steady. We can help this process by eating every two hours we                    should graze on food throughout the course of the day.
4.    The body is a self healing, self regenerating system. Many experts feel our bodies are meant to last 120 years or        more, however when our regeneration is slower than our degeneration we physiologically age more quickly.
5.    Why do we degenerate faster than we regenerate? One reason is a prolonged stress response.
6.    Adrenal circadian rhythm is a pattern of ultradian output the rhythm is offset by periods of long stress resulting in        altered hormone production. All sex steroid hormones are made from cholesterol.