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Energy Balance Cellular Cleanse Therapy System


By Dr. Keith E. Lewis
June 19, 2008

Operating Instructions.

A) Product Principle:  The water is decompounded by the ion cleanse device (array) into large numbers of energy          ions (positive ions and negative ions) which can strengthen the vigor of body cells, promote metabolism, improve         sleep quality, so as to refurbish health.

B) The patients and practitioners of this system have reported many great positive effects from its use that include          increased joint movement, joint pain relief from arthritis, better sleep, better sensation of well being, improved          energy levels, improved mental clarity.

C) Operation. To begin, plug in the power cord, the array, and the wrist strap into the machine. Next, put the array          into the wash pan filled with water, put on the wrist strap, and turn on the power.

When you turn on the power switch, the screen shown is as follow:  Enter time 1030 Time = 30 V3.0. Default time on the unit is 30 minutes. To adjust for more or less time, use the plus or minus keys. Press the ENT button. The time of operation is as follows. During initial operation, mode 3 is default. The current output is selected by choosing the different mode.

The current output is as follows:  Mode 1 = 0.6 amps, Mode 2 = 0.8 amps, Mode 3 = 1 amps.

To select a different Mode, press plus or minus keys.

Pressing ESC (escape) will return to the menu. Because there are differences in local water quality, it may be necessary to add a pinch of salt to the water to maintain the desired current output.

This product also has recorded time and number of times function. When you need to examine the record, simultaneously press 1 and ENT on the keypad and turn on the power switch. The time screen reads the number of minutes in time.  

The first line shows total operating time, and the second line shows the total number of times the machine has been used. When the machine has reached or achieved 10 minutes time, it will counts as one use. Use Escape to go back to the menu.

To delete the time and counter, press 2 and ENT and turn on the power switch. The time screen reveals:  PAS V3.0 clear contents. The default password is 666666; then press ENT. Display reads Process Okay, Mins 00000. Press Escape; then return to the menu.  You also have the ability to make your own password.  Please refer to printed operating instructions.

D) Trouble-shooting:  If there is a problem with the machine, it make sounds of an error character that show on the          screen.

    a.    The array is not in the water or the array is broken.
    b.    The wrist strap is not wrapped in the proper way or the wrist strap is broken.
    c.    The current power is more than 2.5 amps. At anytime, you may use the bamboo charcoal far infrared                         waistband. Connect the waistband to the machine, put the waistband lightly around your belly, turn on the                infrared power switch.  

You can either choose low, medium, or high to start the infrared treatment.  Certain cautions should be noted.

    1)  Do not touch power while your hand is wet. Please pay attention to your personal safety.
    2)  Avoid striking the machine.
    3)  Use clean cloth to polish the dust on the machine's surface.  Do not use any chemicals.
    4)  Be gentle when pressing the keys to protect the machine under normal use.
    5)  You must prop up the machine with the handle while the machine is operating.

E) General Operating Instructions.

1) Use ordinary tap water. Do not use distilled water. Also note, all water quality is different.  Only add a little salt at      a time. Adding salt will promote the Ion Detoxification System to conduct electricity. The capability of conducting      lies in waters conductivity quality. The capability of conducting water is determined by the ions effect and the              impact on the function of detoxification. If the ampere readout is 1.5 amps or below, a little salt is needed to              enhance the capability of the conduction, but for maintaining the machine life please avoid adding salt.
2)  Adult treatment typically is 30 minutes.
3) Children 8-15 year old children should use this with adult supervision, no more than 15 minutes per session.
4) The array does need to be cleaned after every use by soaking in a combination of 30 parts water and 1 part by         white vinegar.  Soak for at least 5 minutes.

F) Other Precautions.

People who have battery operated implants, pacemakers, defibrillators, spinal cord stimulators, should never use the device without consulting with their physician.

Anyone who has received an organ transplant should use this only in the supervision of the physician.

Pregnant woman or lactating woman should not use.

If you have exterior wounds or if you have any open sores that should not be dipped in water, do not use this machine.

Children under 8 years old should not use the machine. People who have low blood sugar should monitor the blood sugar before and after each session.  Oftentimes, we find blood sugar level will decrease during the treatment, so those who have low blood sugar issues should eat before treatment.  

If you have further questions, please review the written instructions.