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Energy Balance, Ionic Cleanse Therapy System - Setup Instructions


By Dr. Keith E. Lewis
June 19, 2008

The following instructions have been provided to assist you in the setup of your energy balance system.

Step 1:  Remove the unit from its case. Pull the sides of the unit handle out and rotate forward until its locks, popping the unit up. Then place the unit on a stable, level surface. A table is best.  

With the main unit away from the water, connect the power cord at the rear of the unit.  Connect the wrist strap in the back or rear of the unit, but do not attach it to your wrist yet.  If you desire to connect the far infrared belt, please plug it in at the rear of the unit but do not attach it to your waist yet. Plug in one of the arrays applied into the front of the unit. Prepare the plastic tub that you have received as part of your package. Place a liner inside the tub and fill it with enough water to cover the top of your feet. We have found better results using warm water, water up to 104 degrees. However, the water temperature should be very comfortable. If it feels too hot, it is too hot, but again hot water is not imperative for the effectiveness of this treatment unit.  Immerse the array in the water-filled plastic tub and check to make sure that it is completely covered by the water in the tub.  

The majority of the time, no additional salt is necessary for the unit to function.  However, keep a few pinches salt handy in case it is necessary.

If you have decided to use the far infrared belt, warp it around your midsection but not too tight.  

Attach the wrist strap to your wrist so the metal contact touches your skin.  It should be snug but not so tight as to cause any discomfort.  There is a tab on it to set the position of the strap where it is snug.  

Turn on the unit with the red switch on the back and set the time in minutes with the negative-positive keys or press ENT to start 30 minute detox routine.  

If the unit displays current error, please check the wrist strap to make sure it is connect to the rear of the unit and that it is snug on your wrist and the metal part is making contact with your skin. If the wrist strap is properly attached and it is still displaying current error, try adding a pinch of salt to the water and wait till it dissolves. After it dissolves, if the unit is still reading current error, add another pinch or two. Depending on the water in your area and your body type, you may or may not have to add salt.

If you are receiving an "add water" message, you are adding too much salt. Empty the tub and try again with no salt next time. Only add salt if your current is below 1.0. If your unit is displaying 0.0 for current, please check the connection of your array at the front of the unit.  If the connection seems good, please try the other array supply.  If your unit is still displaying the current error after adding the salt, please check the wrist strap connection.  If the connection seems good, try touching your finger to the metal jack where the wrist strap plugs into the back of the unit.  If touching the jack makes the current error disappear, please contact us for replacement of wrist strap.

Troubleshooting.  Solution for no power:  Please ensure the voltage selection switch at the rear of the unit is set to 110 volts, not 220 volts or partly in between, and make sure the unit is plugged into the working wall outlet and the power cords snugly snapped into the rear of the unit.  The energy balance cellular cleanse system is relatively easy to operate.  We have found most arrays last between 40 and 60 treatment sessions.  We have included extra arrays for your use.