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Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is the application of red and near infra-red lights over injuries or lesions to improve wound/soft tissue healing and give relief for both acute and chronic pain. It is now officially referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT. LLLT is a light source treatment that generates light at a single wavelength, emits no heat, sound or vibration. Instead of producing a thermal effect, LLLT acts via a non-thermal or photo-chemical effect on cells, also referred to as a photobiology or bio-stimulation.

Laser Therapy is used to:

  • Increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair.
  • Give pain relief.
  • Resolve inflammation.
  • An alternative to needles for acupuncture.

The intensity of LLLT lasers is not high like a surgical laser. There is no heat effect and no negative effect. The effect is photochemical (like photosynthesis in plants). The effects are anabolic, tissue building.

Red light aids the production of ATP thereby providing the cell with more energy in turn means the cell is in optimum condition to play its part in a natural process.

How Long are the Treatments?

Treatments can vary in time from seconds to minutes depending on the condition treated. Research studies show that there may be a dose dependent response. So it may be more effective to treat as lower doses as multiple intervals than to treat at higher dosages at fewer intervals.

Laser Therapy is Popularly Used For:

     - Pain Relief (Muscles, Joints, Nerves)                               - Whiplash

     - Plantar Fascitis                                                                - Wound Healing

     - Sprains and Strains                                                          - Arthritis

     - Migraine Headaches                                                         - Lower Back Pain

     - Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)                                       - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

     - Fibromyalgia/Myofascial Pain                                           - Post-Operative Pain

     - Post-Operative Wound Healing                                       - Knee, Foot, Ankle Pain

     - Tennis Elbow                                                                    - TMJ

     - Soft Tissue Injuries                                                          - Swelling

     - Burns                                                                                - Pressure Sores

     - Herpes Simplex                                                                 - Acne

     - Rotator Cuff Injury                                                          - Tendonitis